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I enrolled in the CTU curriculum the first of May 2019. I’ve been guided by the lead instructor Josh Levitan and owner Fausto Pugliese to day-trade profitably ever since. I’ve learned how to identify high probability trades and control losses. Day trading is both skill and art form that matures with experience. I’ve learned how to identify price levels of support and resistance while keeping a keen eye on trend, volume, and time & sales. Now, I am a full time member of the trading room. I participate in multiple daily briefings and collaborate actively with the other members. I believe that day-trading is a science, as such I think it’s very important for a new day-trader to understand the fundamental metrics to understand why a stock moves one way or another. Failing to understand inevitably will lead to failure. I suggest you learn from the best. I started with the $9 weekly trial offer. I was fortunate to find CTU among the numerous competitors in the market.

Chuck C.

Mastery Student

Experience and knowledge of instructors, the daily live training and teaching platforms have given me the resources to be very successful in day and swing trading. If you are willing to learn and apply knowledge you receive from Josh and Fausto your day trading will results will change dramatically. I highly recommend Cyber Trading if your are serious about being successful.

Michael C.

Annual Student

Discovering new trading strategies from CTU has been a terrific experience. Extremely knowledgeable, supportive and patient professionals teach trading in a straightforward way so that students become proficient, feel more comfortable and obtain self-confidence quickly in the process. CTU offers the opportunity to spend time with fellow traders who assist each other. Working with the helpful and skilled staff adds to the positive experience. I love the enthusiasm and the passion!

Cantey C.

Gold Student

CTU is the best way to learn trading. All of the people are very friendly, honest people. I have been with CTU for about five years. Other traders in the chat room will help you learn. Remember: LOOK; LISTEN, LEARN and you will EARN. Fausto and Josh are the BEST teachers

Grant B.

Platinum Student

Have you ever had the experience for yourself of excellence? I have the experience of excellence with every aspect of Cyber Trading University. The instruction is clear, accessible, immediately usable. Each employee I have interacted with is both responsive and even goes above and beyond the ordinary in providing answers or next actions. There is a commitment to me and my success. In addition, Fausto has gathered a group of traders that are fun to trade with, generous in welcoming others to the group and eager to provide support and encouragement. Success and community! I am thrilled to be a part of this community. CTU provides the tools and the environment. They have a commitment. And I get to bring mine!
Elaine F.

Gold Student

Thanks to Fausto and his group for not only teaching in a way that I will remember forever….3T’s, why stocks move, Time and Sales, uncomplicated indicators, Supply and Demand and a LOT more. And they mean what they say in being a lifetime member as I have watched the new ongoing training sessions for the past 6 years. The learning never stops.

Mark F.

Platinum Student

CTU is amazing, how you can make more money in a week in 1 minute. It takes time because there is a lot to learn, but experience and persistence will make you very successful. I was trading 500 shares for awhile, now up to 1500s and it’s becoming much easier making money

Ken T.

Diamond Student

I received the autographed book today,”How To Beat The Market Makers At Their Own Game. I wanted to personally thank you for the trial period in your trading room and for the book. It is the best $50.00 I ever spent. I enjoyed your staff and your trading skills. Thanks again.

Linda R.

Gold Student

I recently purchased your book and I took advantage of the holidays to read it not once but twice. This book by far is the best investment of my life!! I love it and looking forward to read it one more time.

Joe D.

Gold Student

I read Fausto’s book last night, and I can tell you its the single best book on trading I’ve ever read.


Gold Student

Excellent traders talk today! I really enjoyed and learned a great deal from CTU. $LAKE example today. The continued progression of your already excellent program is a testament to your desire for your students to become successful traders. I continually sing your praises down here in in South Florida to every trader I meet. The improvements to the website and the new traders talk, one word: GREAT!!!!! I’m extremely pleased, and coming along slowly, but seeing some improvements in my trading discipline. Thank you guys again for this new segment and I look forward to reviewing the video when it is posted online, in order to start consistently making that DAY’S PAY!

Duane. C

Platinum Student

CTU: is a world of its own! Being one of the first trading / chat rooms “you trade on your own, but not on your own”, i was reluctant to say the least, i am an old style trader from the mid wall street eighties, as the founder; I found myself joining and ever since loved the camaraderie and teachings from a true young professional “josh” and his team… It brought me back to my trading days with the tools and lessons needed to be successful. (motto: watch/listen/learn)
Jerry J.

Annual Student

For those watching…. I’ve traded everything, these guys are the best i’ve found in +20yr search…nuff said.

Trevor R

Gold Student

Reading your book is also helpful. I hope to finish it soon. Your book is an excellent addendum to the cyber trading Gold course. There are some fine points that I probably missed in class. So for reference I highlight the items I want to go back to. I am starting to become more consistent.

Keith F.

Platinum Student

I have been taking Fausto’s classes and watching the recordings. I quit my job so daytrading is my job now and by applying what I have learned I have exceeded my monthly goal of 10k per month or $500 per day. I had some losing days, but I did not let it discourage me. Instead, I listened to more of Fausto’s teachings. Each day I analyze my trades why I got in and why I got out. You guys are a breath of fresh air and your teachings are impeccable. I encourage my friends to take Fausto’s course but many don’t want to pay the money but I encourage them to and will keep encouraging them to. Since I quit my job I have more time with my family, I am focusing more on my health and constantly educating myself. I just wanted to let you and everyone at CTU know how much I appreciated the help. You guys rock!!!!


Platinum Student

Your staff is always very helpful with any situation I call them about. And a note here should be, that, in today’s world, that is a gift to any caller to CTU whether they realize it or not. In plain English, you have a great staff and organization. My interest in CTU will remain constant because I understand that there is no other stock trading course as honest and down to earth as yours.

Tony T.

Gold Student

Hi Fausto, just a little testimonial: I’ve been with CTU for 1.5 mo. so I’m still in my honeymoon phase. I’ve been in 2 other name brand trading ed programs & 4 trading services (much more expensive then CTU). They all helped me to blow up 2 accts, and didn’t help me develop confidence in trading. I could have saved $40k in educational IF I had found CTU first. Nut shell: learn to trade yourself, concentrate on basic price movement and smart money, learn SIMPLE chart formations, don’t listen to the news…
Jim C.

Texas, USA

Thank-you for your feedback, love your classes. I am a student of [____] education they are part of [____] cost me $15,000 and joined in May. I have learnt more from you in a few sessions then them wish I had found CTU first. Thanks Again see you in class.

Paul H

Gold Student

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