The “Day Trading Crash Course” includes everything you will need on the path to market mastery.

For only $9 you will receive:

  • CyberGroup Live Trading Room
  • Three daily market meetings
  • Morning and afternoon stock watch-lists
  • Personal Education Advisor
  • Weekly LIVE Q&A Session

BONUS #1: 100+ Hours of Recordings

BONUS #2: 3 Premium Workshops

The CyberGroup LIVE Trading Room was created by Fausto Pugliese in the early 90’s as the original and only trading chatroom; revolutionizing the industry for retail traders.

Give us a call at 516-280-5350 if you need assistance signing up.
In this exclusive chatroom, Fausto and his team of qualified instructors provide you with the latest news, market insights, and actionable trade ideas.

The CyberGroup Trading Room is open Monday through Friday at 8:30am ET and closes at 4:15pm ET.

We host three daily market meetings at 9am, 2:30pm, and 4:00pm eastern. In the morning and afternoon meeting, Fausto provides the room with his stock watch-list which he handpicks based on ten specific criteria.  After the market closes, we finish the day with an after hours meeting by recapping the best trades, worst trades, and possible trades for the following day.

Every Tuesday at 1pm ET we host the “Trader’s Talk”: a Q&A strategy session where you can ask us your toughest trading questions. This is a trading ‘think-tank’ and an important part of our room that our students look forward to each week! Throughout the day we’re constantly scanning for the biggest moving stocks and the highest probability trades.

The CyberGroup is different than other trading rooms because we don’t take breaks-not when your money is on the line. If the market is open, the CyberGroup trading room is open!

When you sign up for the Tape Reading Crash Course, you will never have to trade alone! In addition to working alongside Fausto, his instructors and hundreds of students, we also provide you with your own personal education advisor. Your advisor is your personal assistant for the week-they will answer your questions and help you take advantage of all the features in the Tape Reading Crash Course.

What’s included in your bonuses:

Bonus #1: Learn at your leisure! We’re including hundreds of hours of archived “Trader’s Talk” sessions which you can watch at any time during your one-week of access. Topics range from managing risk, trading halts, entries and exits, and much more!

Bonus #2: We’re giving you access to three of our highest rated workshops presented by Fausto. Fausto covers topics that you won’t find taught at any other trading schools, such as how to use the little-known Level III program and how to trade in the premarket.