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The CyberGroup LIVE Trading Room was created by Fausto Pugliese in the early 90’s as the original and only trading chatroom; revolutionizing the industry for retail traders.

Open Mon-Fri from 8:00AM to 4:30PM EST

The CyberGroup Trading Room is open Monday through Friday at 8:00am ET and closes at 4:30pm ET.

We host three daily market meetings at 9am, 2:30pm, and 4:00pm eastern. In the morning and afternoon meeting, Fausto provides the room with his stock watch-list which he handpicks based on ten specific criteria. After the market closes, we finish the day with an after hours meeting by recapping the best trades, worst trades, and possible trades for the following day.

Every Tuesday at 1pm ET we host the “Trader’s Talk”: a Q&A strategy session where you can ask us your toughest trading questions. This is a trading ‘think-tank’ and an important part of our room that our students look forward to each week! 

The CyberGroup is different than other trading rooms because we don’t take breaks-not when your money is on the line. Throughout the day we’re constantly scanning for the biggest moving stocks and the highest probability trades. If the market is open, the CyberGroup trading room is open!

When you sign up for the CyberGroup Trading Room, you will never have to trade alone! In addition to working alongside Fausto, his instructors, and hundreds of students, we also provide you with your own personal education advisor who will answer your questions and help you take advantage of all the features in the CyberGroup Trading Room.

See what our students have to say...

"CTU is the best way to learn trading. All of the people are very friendly, honest people. I have been with CTU for about five years. Other traders in the chat room will help you learn. Remember: LOOK; LISTEN, LEARN and you will EARN. Fausto and Josh are the BEST teachers"

Grant B.

"Thanks to Fausto and his group for not only teaching in a way that I will remember forever....3T's, why stocks move, Time and Sales, uncomplicated indicators, Supply and Demand and a LOT more. And they mean what they say in being a lifetime member as I have watched the new ongoing training sessions for the past 6 years. The learning never stops."

Mark F.

"Cyber Trading University is by far the number one school for teaching someone how to day trade stocks. Fausto and his trained team go beyond the norm with continued education in the form of workshops and weekly and monthly classes. If you want a simple approach to trading then CTU is the proven choice."

Mark M.

"CTU is well versed in tracking fast moving day trades, leverages team effort, and is a positive learning environment for new traders. Tips are shared on what is unfoldind, so as to put them into practice when similar situations repeat themselves. Fausto has put together a great team :)"

Normand R.

"Joining CTU was my best idea ever.  After a few months of "learning the ropes" in the trading room and webinars, I have been making money consistently in premarket and regular trading hours, steadily increasing my position sizes as my trading account grows.  The "if you see something say something"  motto works really well, everybody is pulling for the success of everybody else.  Fausto Pugliese is the real thing, many years of continued success, and the whole team (particularly Josh) is extremely helpful."

Ben S.

"CTU is a great organization.  The owner, Fausto, and his employees are excellent communicators. If you have been on the losing side of the stock trade and want to change that, CTU's instructor, Josh, is a great teacher who was taught by Fausto.  You are taught how to identify good entries as well as exits.  Through the 3-phase courses, Josh and Fausto teach you about the stock market and how the game is played.  Fausto's sessions are done in live market. Through private mentoring sessions, Josh helps you to identify your weaknesses and how to modify your trading to minimize, if not, eliminate them.  He helps you identify your strengths and how to capitalize on them.
The chatroom is a vital part of being a member of CTU.  The members are very supportive of each other, as we all learn the same methodology.  With many eyes watching the market, stocks are posted that are potential movers and profit makers."

Deb F.

"I've been with CTU for over a year now, and it's the best financial trading course that I've found.  I have learned so much from being involved in the chatroom with such skillful traders, and I couldn't imagine being a part of another team. The longevity of the school speaks for itself. Thoughtful instruction and insightful seminars make CTU the group for me."

Boyd B.

"I've been a member of Cyber Trading University for more than a year learning to day trade stocks. Fausto and his staff are very committed to helping every student on the learning path to becoming consistent and profitable traders. Two daily planning sessions and weekly chalk talks combined with a monthly series of courses are part of the continuous education process. Personal one on one coaching is available. The chatroom is where traders share their trades and ideas. The atmosphere is always respectful and positive and there is always a staff member in the room. Fausto teaches how to follow the smart money like institutions and trade with them. If want to learn and are willing to put the time and work in, I highly recommend Cyber Trading University.

Mark T.


$149 /month

Trading Room Access

Monthly Premium Workshops

Weekly Strategy Sessions

Trade Journal Template

Personal Education Advisor


$73 /month

Trading Room Access

Monthly Premium Workshops

Weekly Strategy Sessions

Trade Journal Template

Personal Education Advisor

2 Bonuses for Annual Access Only:

1. Private Facebook Group

2. Access to TradeStation Templates


$109 /month

Trading Room Access

Monthly Premium Workshops

Weekly Strategy Sessions

Trade Journal Template

Personal Education Advisor

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