Bronze Stock Course Package




The Bronze Stock Course Package Includes:

  • 3 Months Access to Phase I Stock Course (Live Webcast & Recordings)

  • 3 Months of CyberGroup Live Trading Room Access

Online Stock Trading Course

Duration: 4 Live Lessons Monthly
Difficulty: Intermediate


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This is the prerequisite stock trading course for all of our education at Cyber Trading University and is a natural progression from our free beginner classes. Phase 1 includes extensive training on trading essentials and showcases a variety of effective market strategies. In order to make the most money out of your trading experience, you must first have a solid understanding of the basic principles involved. This course delves deeply into these critical matters, such as finding highly tradeable stocks, defining support and resistance levels, determining proper entry and exit points, and interpreting and shadowing the moves of market makers.

You’ll benefit by participating in class discussions where you can ask us questions about a variety of trading situations, and practice using the direct access execution system. These real-life experiences are crucial to your development as a consistently profitable trader.

Phase I Covers:

Stock Market Basics

  • Developing a suitable trading system
  • Exploring different trading exchanges
  • Understanding the difference between market and limit orders and when to use each type
  • Grasping the differences between the Electronic Communication Network (ECNs)
  • Seeing how to interpret tier sizes and how to benefit from them
  • Finding out how to buy between the bid and ask
  • Discovering how to buy or sell stocks at the right moment
  • Learning how to best use your margin and properly manage your account

Finding Tradable Stocks

  • Learning how to find the right stocks to trade
  • Understanding the best times to trade
  • Knowing how to examine market movers
  • Seeing where to find free news and information sources about fast-moving stocks
  • Exploring alternative ways to profit from company announcements (stock splits, buybacks, earnings, etc.)

Time & Sales, ECN Books, and Shadowing Brokerage Firms

  • Using Time & Sales in a color format to easily follow the supply and demand of a stock’s movement
  • Following the ECN book to see where the most shares of a stock are waiting to be bought or sold
  • Developing the skills necessary to track market makers
  • Learning how to distinguish which brokerage firms control the most shares

Charts, Graphs, Technical Analysis, and Other Essential Matters

  • Learning how to read and understand charts and graphs
  • Becoming familiar with support and resistance terminology
  • Knowing when to use technical indicators to trade
  • Learning the rules of daytrading
  • Developing the discipline needed to become a successful trader
  • Determining how to manage profits and losses
  • Acquiring your own trading style
  • Adapting the psychology of a winning trader

Enroll Now! Call toll-free 877.702.9237 to speak with an educational advisor

It’s important that you experience real-life market scenarios. After all, these are the sorts of situations you’ll encounter when you trade or invest on your own, and have your money at stake. Just how much success you’ll eventually have in the market depends partially on how well you’ll handle these challenges.

That’s why in this two-day class, we teach you about the fundamentals you must have to become a successful trader. Use this controlled learning environment to safely develop the skills and attributes needed to conquer the markets, with a highly experienced professional showing you the way.