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Learn from World Champion Trader Fausto Pugliese

Fausto Pugliese was one of the original Day Traders of the early 1990’s and one of the first independent traders to take advantage of the Direct Access Trading technology boom in 1987. Fausto acquired a wealth of knowledge from years of hands-on experience, beginning in the trenches, working side-by-side with some of the most practiced and successful traders in the industry. After spending considerable time mastering the art and discipline of day trading, Fausto chose to start his own company to share some of his highly sought-after wisdom.

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Our Mission is Mentorship

When you become a student, you become family. At Cyber Trading University, we understand that traders need more than the right tools and knowledge to reach their trading goals. That is why our mission is to provide you with a curriculum that is focused on mentorship and support from a community of successful traders who have been in your shoes before.




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